Frequently Asked Questions About Condos

If you are looking to buy a condo and have no idea on what to look out for, here are some of the frequently asked questions that will guide you through the selection process. Click here for more information on the Toronto Condo market in 2017.

Do you need a home inspection before buying a condo?


It is not required by law to have a home inspection done before buying a condo. However, it comes highly regarded. The main function of a home inspector is to evaluate the exterior and interior feature and point out the general condition of the condo. This includes looking into faulty electrical appliances, water damages, and plumbing issues. You will also receive a pre-delivery inspection when purchasing a condo. Under the pre-delivery inspection outline, you will be allocated with a representative of the builder’s company, who will give you a walkthrough of the condo. This way, you can point out any missing or damaged features of your house.

What is maintenance fee?

Maintenance fee is also called condo fee and is charged on your shares for maintenance and upkeep. They are calculated on the unit size to the total size of all units in the condo. However, it’s important not to fall for low-cost condos. They can be appealing but pay close attention to ensure they are not in a financial crisis.

How can you determine condo fees?

Most of the condo fees are evaluated on the yearly operating cost of the complex or building which is then divided by the owner’s individual contribution. Every owner is entitled to a vote on whether condo fees need to be increased or decreased as a result of increased overhead.

Is it important to have an insurance policy?

Homeowners need to get an insurance policy that covers the properties owned by the individual. The policy should also include any claims involving areas of the complex or building. However, it’s important to evaluate the coverage covered by the association.

Should children be allowed in all areas development?

Most condos will allow children to use almost all areas of the condo development. However, some condos will have restriction especially if you have young children. Children under the age of 18 can use the landscaped areas which encompass the gazebos. Tennis courts are also open to children but under supervision by an adult. The same case applies to exercise room, play areas, and designated pool area.

Who are the managers of condos?


If you are an owner of a condo, then you become part of a condominium corporation. This cooperation manages all the fairs relating to the building. The cooperation sets out the rules and regulations managing the building. The rules are set out in the by-laws that covers the operations of the condos such as pets, noise and so on.