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The type of material used for your flooring plays a vital role in the look, functionality, and feel of your home. From trendy concrete to sleek ceramic to classic hardwood, you can explore flooring surfaces and find the best option for your floor and, lifestyle. Floors have a huge impact our life whether it belongs to is or not. Regardless of what you intend to do with your house, you need a comfortable and durable surface underfoot. Of course, wood flooring has countless benefits than other types of flooring materials. Besides, it has been used for years by generations after generations. However, your floor choice is all about balancing your style and need.

Choosing the right wood flooring for your home


It’s advisable to work with some budget. This will be a guiding factor as well as a benchmark on the amount to spend. Whereas installing a catchy, sweet and quality wooden flooring os a dream to all homeowners, restraint is needed so that all the money isn’t spent in buying only the wooden flooring. Remember, there are still other costs associated with fixing the wooden floor. These includes the cost pf delivering the materials to the site and installation. Additionally, there’s a huge extra cost involved in removal and disposal of the previous flooring as well as the cost of additional materials like adhesives, stains, and baseboards.

Wood choice

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made as regards the type of timber to be installed. To begin with, there are two main types of timber for flooring. The hardwood and the softwood. However, the type of timber to use depends much on the budget. There are also other factors like sentimental feeling towards a wood choice. Hardwood is known to evokes images of richness, classic looking, and charm. Additionally, there are various wood options as per wood cuttings or shapes. You need to make a decision on whether to use narrow strips, wider planks, parquet squares, as well as rectangle and squares. The traditional choice strips is the traditional choice, and it gives an illusion of more space, whereas planks depict a rustic look. Lastly, parquet floors are designed with the distinct geometric design that perfectly suits formal spaces.

Wood Species

Different woods have different qualities even of they are hardwood. In fact, hardwood species considerably vary in grain patterns, durability, and color. Oak, cherry and are among the most popular species because to their hardness and durability. Exotic timber like Brazilian Cherry and Mahogany aren’t that durable but are expensive because of their striking appeal.

Wood Flooring

Wood textures

It’s possible to get wood floors that look new and shiny, or you can buy brand new wood resembling an antique and then add timeworn character to your floor. Quite some manufacturers offer handicapped and distressed hardwoods. These have been used for countless years with perfect results.…

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